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Auditors & Accountants for A/E/P firms
Hunter & Associates specializes in FAR audits, overhead rate management, and profitability analyses for architecture, engineering and planning firms.
Why Us?
Unlike larger competitors with competing interests and higher fees, we focus exclusively on helping cost-conscious contractors address their problems, by using our advanced technology, knowledge and experience in their fields.
We help you assess compliance and enhance efficiency.
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What is a FAR overhead rate?

Technically known as a firm's "indirect cost rate," the more familiarly known "overhead rate" is the percentage of general expenses that consultants can bill to contracting government agencies. More specifically, it is the ratio of allowable indirect costs to total allocatable direct labor costs.
Need an FDOT Reimbursement Rate Audit?

We specialize in providing the audit reports that the Florida Department of Transportation requires from prequalified professional consultants.

Hunter & Associates also adds value to our audit services by using our advanced certifications and knowledge of industry best practices to provide transportation consultants with detailed Management Points Letters that recommend improvements to internal controls and operational procedures.